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Thanksgiving is for helping others, showing God's love to one
another, and being thankful for all God has given us.

What is was not intended, is to blitz the malls for great deals. That
is a deception put upon us to devalue our family time and God.
DON"T be fooled!
If you are a part of a ministry, keep a sharp eye and open ear to all around you.
God has sent people with unique and special gifts to help better His ministry...
Leading  by  example,   always  has  more  success  then  by  managing  from  a
We pray for family, friends, and people hurting. Remembering to pray for a lost
person by name is a special blessing and a seed  planted well...
Is there something that seems just out of your reach, a void in your life? God is
waiting on us, He has always been there. That void can only be filled one way.
Through Jesus... All we have to do is ask...                            
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