We pray for family,  friends, and  people
hurting.  Remembering to pray for a lost
person by  name  is  a  special  blessing
and a seed  planted well...

On   our  ministry  leader  page,  you  will  find  the  leaders
pictures  are  linked  to  their website. This is another great
link to find resources such  as  study  guides to learn more
about our savior.   Also for small groups,  sermons,  books,
audios, and videos all at your finger tips.

Many of these are free. Take advantage of the hundreds of
years  of  experience  you're  able  to  tap  into. Share  with
others off our
Studio3fm Leader Page.

Do you have  an organization that needs  props,  signs,  or
banners for class rooms, VBS, special events or permanent
signage needs?   We  can  help with that.  We  have a great
deal of resources here at
Studio3fm.  We are here to serve,
to  help  get  the  word  of God  to  everyone  through  our
Internet  Radio  station  Studio3fm   and   Mountain   Media
Products  resources.   
Christian faith based Internet radio. Broadcasting great ministries through our radio station over the Internet. Talk Radio, Radio you can Trust!
Studio3fm    has    launched   an
additional way  to  listen  to  our
great ministries through  
For  another great way to  listen
and  reach  people  all over   the
world! We're not just in  the hills
of Central Oregon...